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As A Seo Freelancer In Pune ;We Are ROI Focused In Addition We Also Help In Customer Insight So That We Can Satisfy The Wants Of The Customer And Also Do Brand Promotion For The Business.

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As a seo freelancer in Pune ;we are ROI focused in addition we also help in Customer Insight So that we can Satisfy the wants of the Customer and also Do Brand Promotion For the Business. 
Want to get more earned traffic, leads, and sales?.With search engines. Grow your long-term authority and get more qualified website traffic, leads, and sales with search engine optimization (SEO).
We value all our business owners, we know without them we wouldn’t exist;that’s why it is important to us to give them the best.

As a Seo Freelancer  In Pune Offers massive success on the web & earn qualified leads with our small business SEO consulting 
I Am a SEO Freelancer in Pune
My SEO Freelancing experience revolves around SEO, Local SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Google Dynamic ads, Social Media Marketing. i am qualified to undertake the task at hand Google and all SEO Projects. I can handle all business SEO Projects.
SEO specialist advantage lies in its detailed analysis and comprehensive reporting tools. We deal in  the site traffic as well as SERP rankings for each keyword, as well as the data used to compare with competitors.

Detailed SEO Strategy & Plan
Initial Site Analysis Report
Keywords Analysis Report                                                                            
Competitor Analysis Report
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
URL Optimization
Internal Linking
Optimize your Keyword Density
Google Analytics Setup & Configuration

Search Engine Submission
No Follow Link Check
Directories Submissions
Article Submission
Forum Posting
Blog Creation(wordpress,Blogspot)
PPT & Docs Submisison
Yellow Pages Submission


Want try to get more leads, and sales? With search engines. Grow your long-term authority and get more qualified website traffic, leads, and sales with search engine optimization (SEO)
Want try to get more leads, and sales? With search engines. Grow your long-term authority and get more qualified website traffic, leads, and sales with search engine optimization (SEO)
 An SEO consultant will be able to monitor your rankings and adjust where possible for optimal search rankings. By hiring a specialist you can be assured they will analyze data, create campaigns, monitor progress for rankings, and make changes if necessary for better performance. Some websites can be messy and links can be clunky, an SEO specialist can fix this by redirecting broken links, maintaining local listings, and optimizing old content.

SEO is not something that is done once, it requires frequent maintenance, changes, and monitoring all of which take time away from your business.

We Stress on
Improving page load time by reducing image size.
SEO scores with fast-loading, engaging, image-rich pages.
Work well with WordPress, the CMS we use for the majority of the sites we build.
Make the whole process as easy as possible, with intuitive tools that work well with WordPress and other common Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Internet Marketing consultant services:

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is used to improve the ranking of a Website. On search engine result pages (SERPs) We can provide you with increased visibility and qualified traffic to your website through our SEO services. Our SEO processes generate website traffic, leads, clients, revenues, and finally the growth of the business. 

It can be done through various means and strategies.
We try to promote the products and services of the company by establishing an online presence. An entrepreneur can introduce the products of the organization by creating an official web site.
E-mail marketing is another form of online promotion. In this kind of marketing, firms can reach the prospective customers directly through the means of an electronic mail. An advertiser can invite the customer for subscription of newsletters or alerts for special offers by the company. An electronic mail promotion generates sales and often repeats sales. It is an effective way to fetch new and retain present customers 

The Benefits of search engine optimization in Digital Marketing is that SEO marketing plan can work particularly well with an existing PPC campaign if planned correctly. When it comes to keyword targeting, with our PPC campaigns can serve as a testing ground for SEO.  to see which keywords return the most value.


AS we want a strong organic position and performance,  but paid search can help . Additionally, PPC ad headlines and copy can serve as testing for your foundational SEO. Ads with higher CTR should serve as the basis for meta titles and descriptions

What is an SEO specialist?

Why should you hire an independent SEO specialist?

What is organic traffic?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of optimizing websites so that they rank higher in search engine results. SEO is a part of the growth and success of your business. An SEO specialist is someone who optimizises keyword searches for your business, and making sure you hit the top of the Google search page.

Seo Freelancer In Pune

Seo Freelancer in Pune

By hiring an independent SEO specialist you’re choosing someone who can tailor to your individual needs and building a relationship with one person who understands your business. You can strategize and brainstorm with another person . You can Find it very tough to do SEO on own.By hiring an SEO specialist you can focus on the things that truly matter, like growing and expanding your business in other areas.

seo freelancer in pune

Paid advertising can sometimes be rather annoying to customers, so much so that AdBlock now exists for a lot of people which means your paid advertisements may not even be seen by your potential customers. If your paid advertisements are effective you will get what is called paid traffic which stands for the people who have clicked on your advertisement to visit your website. Although paid traffic only accounts for 10 percent of traffic. However  organic traffic means that your visitors come across your website from search engine results which means they have actively searched for something to solve their problems or piqued their interest. Half of all website traffic comes from organic search. 

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